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Vertical Blinds

Practical, Affordable and Streamlined.

Vertical blinds remain an ideal way to control light intensity and maintain privacy. Vertical Blinds have the ability to be rotated 180 degrees which allows you to redirect light and glare during the day as morning becomes afternoon. Our vertical blinds are made to suit any opening and are most practical for large windows, sliding doors and bi fold doors along with commercial applications.

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Benefits of vertical blinds

Privacy and light are easily controlled with chain or wand options to rotate slats or stack neatly allowing for maximum viewing capacity. Stacking can be done on left hand side, right hand side, split stack or centre stack. Standard blade sizes are 89mm and 127mm wide and can be gathered by traditional bottom chains or be more contemporary with open bottom weights or sewn weight pockets. Today’s Vertical Blinds by Pazazz Blinds & Shutters have a colour palate to suit any home décor.

Vertical Blinds

Examples of vertical blinds